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Living The Dream

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Produced By Jim Lill
Written By Jessie Ritter


I was playing at a hotel bar last weekend
Had the whole place dancing, everybody singing
Someone asked if they’d seen me on TV
I said maybe for a minute, but you probably wouldn’t remember me

He said what are you doing here, have you been to music city
Don’t you wanna get out of this town
It’s time to move on, you know you sing a pretty song
Don’t you have a dream to chase down

Well today I woke up
I took a walk in the sun
Poured a bit of coffee in my cup
I played with my baby
Till he took a nap at noon
Then I cleaned the house, wrote a little tune
Put lunch in the oven, it was warm when he woke up
Daddy came home to share a meal with us
At four pm I put my makeup on
Drove for an hour or two
Tonight I’m singing to you
Going home with a check and a full tank of gasoline
Hey I’d say I’m living the dream