Jessie's performance is the definition of a listening room experience.”

— Mark Myers, Founder of "The Lobby Lounge" Concert Series

What is a house concert?

House concerts are awesome! The focus is on the songs. You create a listening room in your home and subsequently an unforgettable experience. 

The event is invitation-only. You get to choose who you share this evening with. Most likely it will be 20-50 of your closest friends, co-workers, people who love music, and a couple fans who happen to live in your area. You’d be surprised how many people can fit in a small living room once you rearrange some furniture! Don’t forget to invite the neighbors. (They won’t be upset about all the cars on your street that evening!) The show can be indoors or outdoors, weather permitting. Wherever you decide to host, once the music starts people will be transported into a storybook of songs.

These concerts are very intimate and can be performed with or without amplification. Not only will you hear and understand every word to the songs, you’ll get to enjoy the stories behind them. At house concerts the audience is attentive. It really is a concert, not background music at a party.

That being said, it’s still a very social event and the format is up to you! Concerts usually run in two ways: two 40-minute sets with a 20-minute break, or a single 45 minute set. This just depends on how long you want your event to run. Shorter shows are great for weeknights when people can’t stay out too late. Concerts usually include light snacks and beverages. You could make it a concert and cocktail party. You could have a pot-luck dinner. You could even do a short concert before a nice sit-down dinner. Whatever you decide, your friends will love the uniqueness of the evening.

House concerts are private events that the host does not profit from. Remember, you need all kinds of licenses to run a business. There is no mandatory fee for attending a house concert, but all guests are encouraged to make a $10-20 donation to the performer. You’ll also want to make sure there is a place for the artist to set up merchandise. House concerts are a great opportunity for songwriters to sell CDs and your friends will love having something to take home with them to remember the night. Hosts are also known to house and feed artists for the night, especially if they have traveled significantly to make this show happen for you and your guests.


What makes a concert with Jessie Ritter special?

You will be first. Jessie is constantly songwriting and is eager to share new material. You could be the first to hear country music’s new favorite song.

You can bring your whole family. Jessie doesn’t have a “children’s show,” but children love her show. Everyone should have an opportunity to listen to music in a safe family-friendly environment. No vulgar language. No explicit stories. Just real tales of life and love told from the heart.

You are changing culture. Beauty can change the world. When you host a house concert you are playing a vital role in promoting music. You get to choose what you promote. With Jessie you choose beauty, goodness, and the fight for virtue. Let’s put more of that into the music scene, together.

You get to spend time with Jessie! And, even better, Jessie gets to spend time with you. If you’re half as awesome as the rest of the fan club, this is a real treat. So do her a favor, let her see your world, meet your friends, and sing a few songs along the way.

Frequently Tours: FL, LA, MS, AL, GA, TN, MO

# of Members: 1 or 2

Sound Equipment: Available if needed

Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Other Instruments: Guitar and/or Violin

Genre: Country, Singer-Songwriter, Folk

Content: Mainstream Storyteller

Rating: G


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