1. Border Town

From the recording Little Town In America

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Border Town

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Border Town
Written by Jessie Ritter
©2020 Tiny Palace Publishing, ASCAP

Steve Brewster - Drums, Jimmy Carter - Bass, J.T. Corenflos - Electric Guitar, Jim Lill - Electric Guitar, Bryan Sutton - Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin & Dobro, Gary Morse - Pedal Steel Guitar, James Black - Pan Flute, Jessie Ritter - Background Vocals


Verse 1:
Chasing the sun to a border town
Watch the stars come up, as you lay me down
I know we’re far from home
Somehow I feel I’m right where I belong
Reckless nights

Baby take my hand, I’m not gonna fight it
You’re the one thing I can’t loose
Out under the sun, Nothing left to hide
My heart is near to you

Verse 2:
Up on the mountainside
In the Devil’s Hall you kissed your brand new bride
A strange metamorphosis
More than myself but becoming a part of him
So in love, yeah


Verse 3:
Been on the trail for a little while
Tell me a tale that always makes you smile
Blue eyes on a summer day
The heat of the sun makes you look at me that way
Western wind blows in