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Grandma's Closet

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Written By: Jessie Ritter and Pete Sallis
Produced and Mixed By: Jim Lill


Grandmas Closet:

Red heels seven years old
Blue velvet coat with a silver broach
Showing off for the neighborhood kids
Pretending I’m a lady like she is

That old cedar room was chock-full of treasure
Every time I’d go in, I’d come out lookin better

In grandmas closet I go back in time
Every thread holds a story to unwind
I’m wearing more than lace and fur
It’s like slippin on a piece of her
Never look this good if I’d have bought it
Dressin up in grandmas closest

(There’s a) ‘56 letterman jacket
Grandpa let her wear those black and gold patches
After the game ‘neath a Champaign’s sky
Talking all night on the 50 yard line

It’s still hanging up worn and cracked leather
That coat saw the first kiss that lasted forever


I can see her dancing in a red satin prom dress
Her eyes light up when she opened that locket
A lifetime fit in one little space
So many memories all tucked away