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Music and Lyrics: Jessie Ritter
Production: Jim Lill


Verse 1:
You can’t find it on a map
Way back in the woods
It’s everything I knew
When I was just a girl

A bedroom with no door
And my own house in the trees
Everywhere I was
You were there with me

And I know I don’t belong here anymore
The kitchen’s bare, nothing on that hardwood floor
A million memories still hold you here
A whisper says you love me
Carried on the air when I come home

Verse 2:
Twenty years can change a lot
A new place built next door
But that treehouse in the back
It still has my name on the wall


Nothing feels more like mine
I’ve run these fields for my whole life
Dirt roads stained my feet and I can’t believe we had to leave
But I know you don’t hurt anymore
Thats worth the pain of moving forward