1. Where You Go

From the recording Coffee Every Morning

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Written by: Jessie Ritter
Jessie Ritter: Vocals
Jim Lill: Engineer, Digital Editing, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Mixing
James Black: Acoustic Guitar
Harry Miree: Drums


Where You Go

Verse 1:
There’s a little wooden swing down by the pier
The moss hangs by the pines, been hanging there for years
when I took your hand and walked down to the dock
You told me that you loved me, you weren’t ever gonna stop
and That’s how I know, I belong where you go

Verse 2:
Someone’s momma wore this dress, in 1953
I bet way back then she looked a little bit like me
In this vintage lace that we found on the road
In that dime-store way out west we started talking ‘bout a home
and That’s how I know, I belong where you go

Anywhere, I’ll follow you, the hills of Tennessee or the Emerald Ocean blue
Of nothing else, I’ve been so sure, that baby I belong where you are
Ahhh, Ahhh

Verse 3:
Bobby socks and dresses sewn in blue
Sooner than we planned, now everything’s brand-new
But you take her hand and walk down to the dock
I can tell you love her boy, you ain’t ever gonna stop
That’s how I know, I belong where you go